Wiring and Plumbing

Yes, you can add wiring and plumbing to our bunkies. Here's basically how.


Wiring will need to be run in electrical conduit, which will be visible. We've gone with unpainted metal conduit, because of the rustic/industrial aesthetic. But if you're going full-on Joanna Gains and putting solid stain on that shiplap, you can also paint the conduit to match.

You'll need to use junction boxes for mounting lighting fixtures, fans, etc.


Like the wiring, the plumbing will need to be on the inside since there is no wall space and you'll want to keep it from freezing. You'll be able to hide most of it in your cabinets. We've also hidden our tankless water heater in the cabinet. Where you can't hide it, you might consider using copper tubing. We think it looks cool.