You have lot's of options here, and they don't have to be expensive.


Here's the great thing. You don't need level ground, or really ground at all to build a bunkie. Build on a trailer, a barge, a deck frame (recommended!), a slab, or just a gravel pad with 6x6s laid across it. It's really all about your situation.

For the best combination of longevity and versatility, we recommend an elevated deck frame built in a post and beam manner on small concrete pads or Sono Tubes. We provide instructions specific to each kit to ensure your frame meets engineering standards.

This method allows you to build an off-grid bunkie, and then decide if and how to wire and plumb later on, so long as there is room to access the underside of the foundation. Other methods may limit access too much to make these changes later on.

Also, you probably want deck space around your bunkie for the grill, hot tub, and hang-out space. Why not go ahead and get that knocked out up front?

DIY foundation?

If you're going to spend money on professionals, have them do the foundation and the roof. Our bunkie kits are the easiest part, so assemble the kit yourself if at all possible. If you build it yourself, build it level.

Slopes and Flood Plaines

Use a deck frame on piers. Set your wood piers on small concrete pads to keep the wood out of the dirt and dry. Sono Tubes are a good way to form up your concrete pads to build up from. This can be done on steep slopes and makes for really cool hillside views.

For easily flooded areas, this method gives you the option to raise your structure above the danger of water intrusion. For areas which frequently flood, you will need to use large treated wooden piers sunk deep into the ground. That won't be as cheap, but it can use of cheap and otherwise useless land.

Simple, basic, affordable

If you plan to remain off-grid, or don't need plumbing and wiring to enter from underneath, you can get going very quickly and cheaply. "On grade foundations" or "floating foundations" are perfectly acceptable for a small building like a bunkie. We provide diagrams specially for each kit to help you make them. Gravel and patio stones will work just fine.