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What's a Bunkie?

A Bunkie is an occasional use dwelling to house visitors or serve some other need. It's probably not the best option for your forever home, but it could be the affordable solution to keep a roof over your head while you build one. It could also be a source of short term rental income. If you can think of a need for extra space, a bunkie can probably be a solution.

5 Year Warranty

We're very confident in our products. Our small cabins are standing strong all over North America since 2017. With a modicum of care and maintenance, your bunkie will outlast you. We use only kiln dried J-grade spruce. Quality is our only concern.

  • Extra Space

    Home additions are expensive, invasive, and take forever. Why not add a guest house instead of a guest bedroom? Of course a bunkie can be a gym, office, studio, or whatever you dream. As a short term rental, it may turn your property from an expense to an asset

  • Quickly

    3-4 unskilled people can build our kits in 1-3 days. Add your own foundation and roofing and let us supply the rest.

  • Affordably

    Many of customers are professional contractors. They know the real cost in time and materials to do traditional construction. Since our kits include all the hardware you'll need, the cost per square foot can be 1/4 the cost of a room addition.